Dislocation and Disturbance 2020-24

“I never felt unsafe until there was a target on my back #chinavirus” (24”x36”) Hedy writes “My parents achieved the American dream for their children in the most frugal and humble way. And while my journey as a modern American woman has challenged them profoundly, they have always supported me. Now they (and I) worry for my safety.”

“The divisive cost of speaking truth to power” (36”x48”) Cyndy has said that challenging power with truth is hard, but what is harder still is when “#metoo friends retract their story when it matters in exchange for keeping their job.” She says it happens a lot.

“A new blank tablet: January 20, 2021 12:00 PM EST” (36”x48”)     This is a self-portrait that depicts my state-of-mind as I continually paint, questioning weighty contemporary issues from a feminist perspective. This particular painting is a response to the 2021 election.

“The moment you understand white privilege and decide to act for the greater good” (18″x36″)    Bruce often reflects on the freedoms and access to opportunity he experiences knowing that many of his friends of color have vastly different experiences. He works tirelessly to address and eradicate racism.

“Saving the planet’s biodiversity ‘one turtle at a time.’ Schroon Lake, NY” (24”x36”)     When it comes to
conservation, Debbie walks the line between science and spirituality and hopes in some small way to bridge
the gap. She teaches yoga, practices shamanism, and, as a wildlife rehabilitator, tries to save the planet’s
biodiversity, one turtle at a time.

Climate change displacement:  her-story documents the data ” (24″x36″)  Lisa writes “I am currently
in the middle of a move. There are tens of thousands of climate change refugees each year, people escaping
from climate related crises. I believe that when it comes to climate science, scientists must be advocates
in some form. We do not have the luxury of silence any longer and we can not afford complacency, especially
those of us in privileged situations.”